Snipe Hunting

The boy looks around and finds himself in the darkness, abondoned. There never were any snipes and now he is alone. This is a snipe hunt; a ritual of sorts, practiced for hundreds of years by thousands of children. And it provides a surprising metaphor for the nature of spiritual transformation, nondualistic thinking, and deconstruction. Snipe hunting is my story, and it’s yours, too. Music from

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Friday Jul 29, 2022

The belief that ideas ought to step in a boxing ring and battle it out with each other is known as dualism.  Dualism leaves no room for nuance and qualifications.  It can even hijack my identity, as I start to view myself as somebody who is always for this thing and who always stands against that thing.  

Monday Jul 25, 2022

Groups take us in.  They love us, care for us, and make deep demands of us.  We see it in a Snipe Hunt and as I look back at my years in the church, I see how the same pattern played itself out years later.  Today's spiritual practice is a modification of The Riverside Meditation.   Many thanks to Auden Campbell for music and production.  Find her at  

Monday Jul 18, 2022

Snipe Hunting is one part memoir, one part exploration of a Boy Scout ritual used as a metaphor for spiritual transformation and deconstruction.  It is also an attempt at pointing to the nondual reality that I see rising up right in the middle of my world.  Each episode will conclude with a spiritual practice.      

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